High Flow Valve

  • Optimized for performance that meets and exceeds DEF market demands
  • Up to 20% better flow rate than the competition
  • 4 Cam locking mechanism
  • Secure and tamper-evident ready
  • 3 Sizes (330g, 275g, 55g)

High Flow Dispense Coupler

  • Design improvements allow for flow rates up to 23.5 gpm
  • Heavy-duty handle with an audible click locking feature
  • 4 Cam locking mechanism
  • Integrated ¾" x 90 degree swivel barb connection

High Flow Fill Coupler

  • Design improvements allow for flow rates up to 40 gpm
  • Significant cost savings when compared to commonly used stainless steel fill heads
  • 4 Cam locking mechanism
  • BSPP swivel outlet can accommodate adapters from ¾' to 2"

Blue1 Tote Manifold

The Blue1 Tote Manifold System provides the end-user with a simple to install solution that links together totes into a single pump suction point. No further need to move your pump around from tote to tote. The prepackaged kit comes assembled and ready to go after a few easy steps for installation. Our manifold features a dual opening lid design with standardized 4-cam valves pre-installed for quick and easy refilling of each tote. The two hole cap replaces the current lid on your tote and is designed to incorporate your existing valve and coupler. Connect our manifold system to your couplers and pump and you're ready to dispense!